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Discover the magic of our delicious Gummies, crafted with potent functional mushrooms, high-quality botanicals & other proven ingredients.




Zylo offers a diverse range of mushroom gummies, each uniquely formulated to address different health and wellness needs. Our collection includes Energy Gummies, Sleep Gummies, Focus Gummies, and more, all infused with the power of functional mushrooms like Reishi, Lion's Mane, and Cordyceps.

Absolutely! All our mushroom gummies are vegan-friendly and sugar-free, catering to various dietary preferences. They are crafted without artificial flavoring or coloring, making them a natural choice for health-conscious individuals.

Mushroom gummies offer a range of health benefits, including supporting immune health, enhancing cognitive function, boosting energy levels, and aiding in relaxation and sleep. Each variety in our collection is designed to target specific wellness goals, leveraging the natural potency of functional mushrooms.

Yes, absolutely! you can combine different mushroom gummies based on your individual health needs and goals.

No, Zylo Nutrition is committed to maintaining the highest quality standards. Our mushroom gummies are free from artificial additives, ensuring you receive the pure benefits of functional mushrooms in every bite.

Choosing the right mushroom gummies depends on your specific health goals. For energy and stamina, our Energy Gummies with Cordyceps might be ideal. For cognitive support, consider our Focus Gummies with Lion's Mane. If you're looking to improve sleep quality, our Sleep Gummies with Reishi are a great choice. If you're looking to step up your fitness routine, our Creatine Gummies are the boost you're looking for. If you looking for increased vitality and vigor then our Shilajit Gummies will put the pep back in your step!